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bitubo USA (www.bitubo.us), imports and distributes the high performance, race derived products produced by bitubo of Italy (www.bitubo.com).

A small but passionate group of riders, with an exceptional eye for unique, quality products, and excellent customer service, the BellissiMoto Inc. brand family is honored to represent and import bitubo products to the United States under the name of bitubo.us .

We keep a large inventory of our more popular products in stock, and have regular shipments arriving,  so few special orders take more than 2 weeks to arrive, and our expet staff is more than happy to help you with any questions along the way.

If there is a special product you would like to see produced, from a one off custom shock, to a slight modification of one of our exisiting products, or if you have a simple question regarding availability, pricing, colors, or fitments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Randall Nedescu
Owner - Bitubo USA

To learn more about bitubo, read below:

Founded in 1963, Bitubo, the House of Shock Absorbers, proposes itself right from the start as a dynamic Company for anything connected with the control of vibrations, of any type and in the most varied applications, always realizing cutting-edge damping systems with innovative technology.

From the smallest but high-precision applications like the artificial limbs, to the management of the huge and sudden stress of seismic dampers, from the damping systems for the extremely particular environment of sea anchorages (Oceanic Platforms) to the compliance with the very strict military specifications for the supply of vibration dampers for the gigantic naval engines, from its realizations Bitubo has gained an enormous experience in the field of dampers.

In 1975 it comes to the forefront of the motorcycling market with the innovation of the famous pair of shock absorbers connected by two compensating rubber pipes – hence the name “Bitubo” – that have gathered so many successes in the Off-Road sector and were immediately adopted by the greatest champions.

In the Speed, the first World title goes back to 1979 with E. Lazzarini in the 50cc Class, repeated the following year, while in the 125 GP it won the ’93 World Championship with D. Raudies, and is vice-champion in ’94.

After a year and a half’s testing, in 1999 Bitubo presents the revolutionary Mono 4 Regolazioni. Covered by 4 international patents, it becomes immediately a benchmark, relevant even today, for the world technology of suspensions: in fact the FXZ model with 4 Adjustments is a revolutionary shock absorber where the four hydraulic adjustments (slow and fast fluids in compression and extension) act independently from one another, realizing a level of setup resolution never reached before.

In 2001 it presents HDX00 Racing Fork, the first fork realized by Bitubo, designed to revolutionize the existing technological level. Completely adjustable and pressurized (nitrogen), it is adopted in the SBK World Championship, and in 2003 it wins the Italian laurels in the SBK.

Among the high technology accessories, the Steering shock absorbers, with nitrogen compensating coaxial chamber (patent since 1992).

Today the range includes over 1200 models available for all kinds of 2 wheeels around, from the Scooter to the Tourist Maxi down to the Supersport Replica and to the QUAD. Today Bitubo is the ideal solution for bikers who want the best for their two-wheel vehicles: comfort, safety, driving precision and, above all, the quality of an excellent product, constantly developed in co-operation with some Italian Universities, updated with fatigue and destruction tests, both in software and dynamic simulations.

The use of high resistance steel with low friction for rods and shock absorbing body, the Ergal 7075 alloys used from solid with CNC machines for the realization of all the other components, and the very high quality of the manufacturing process, allowed Bitubo to achieve the prestigious UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification that, added to the prestigious TUV German approval, witness the extremely high standard of the Bitubo products.

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